JULIA SEREGINA smart knits is a contemporary knitwear brand under the creative direction of Moscow-based designer Julia Seregina. Specializing in transforming and reinventing space into new forms through knitting, Julia Seregina combines contemporary design with the comfort of eco-friendly knitwear to create new forms that flatter a woman's body. Her clean, simple silhouettes belay the complexity of the cut and stitch structure, to make easy wear pieces.

Launched in February of 2012 at Copenhagen Fashion Week, JULIA SEREGINA smart knits was a total newcomer to the fashion scene, but with a long heritage of experience behind it. Studying economics and working in marketing for international corporations, Julia Seregina honed her understanding of a city living and wardrobe needs of sophisticated city-smart women.

Julia Seregina is known for her unique style of patented knitwear across the world. She received several prestigious design awards and media coverage in Berlin, London, Copenhagen, Milan, Moscow and New York.
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